cognitio analytics

Thorough View
of Employee Well-Being

We bring together data on four key dimensions to build an in-depth picture of employee well-being.

Physical Health

Emotional Health

Professional Health

Financial Health

Our Solution

We help you to unlock ROI while also making life easier and more efficient for your HR & Benefits team(s). We do this by integrating all of the benefits data into a single data lake that can be readily accessed through our user-friendly portal.

Spend Optimization Control

Access rapid insight based on more effective and understandable spend analysis capabilities that provide negotiation leverage when dealing with brokers and plan administrators.

Health Benefits Analytics

Drive better plan design based on deep insights into spend, utilization and adherence to standards of care for high utilization / high spend areas

Rewards Data Factory

Access all rewards data from a one-stop, cloud-based, data lake solution that integrates data from all benefits and rewards programs

Reward Program Evaluation

Hold benefit providers accountable by measuring performance against promises and quantifying impact of benefits/wellness programs.

Personalized Health Assessment

Develop and deploy solutions: drive higher productivity and increased effectiveness.

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