cognitio analytics

We Do So By
Using A 3-Step Approach

"X-Ray" the Operations

Build transparent views of workflows and operations using granular data and innovative analytical tools.

Discover/Improvement Opportunities

Comprehensively Identify high-impact opportunities i.e., expand the funnel.

Improve Outcomes

Develop and deploy solutions: drive higher productivity and increased effectiveness.

Once you have done that, you can understand business processes through process visualization and build new tracking, monitoring, and analytical solutions based on the data you end up pulling together.

Use Cases and Benefits

Caseload Management

Improve caseload management by predicting resource workload and assigning claims intelligently.

Insurance - Claim Operation

Identify claim process inefficiencies and reduce claim turnaround time by 30%

Insurance - Underwriting

Achieve rule-driven decision-making and streamlined processing in underwriting process

Automated Systems

Decrease IT spend by building configurable underwriting systems, to reduce maintenance and support costs

3rd Party Management

Improve 3rd party management by seamlessly integrating real-time data with third party processes & systems such as vendors and regulatory authorities

Customer Interactions

Create cross sell / upsell, retention and cost saving strategies using customer policy interactions

Case Study Auto Physical Damage

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