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Business Group on Health

Follow The Money: Are All of My Benefits Programs Really Worth It?

Kati Stratos

Comcast NBCU

Executive Director

Erika Kurtz

Comcast NBCU

Senior Director

Lalit Wangikar

Cognitio Analytics

CEO & Founder

On April 11th, join us to learn how Comcast NBCU implemented a transformative approach to evaluating Benefits Programs. You will learn how this data and analytics-based approach, driven by a robust governance structure, has already delivered significant value. We’ll share key tactics, challenges, and the transformative outcomes, providing a roadmap for those aiming to refine their healthcare benefits evaluation.

Kati Stratos and Erika Kurtz will share a few key secrets, some must do’s and some pitfalls to avoid as they talk about impactful success stories. You will hear about how owning your benefits data is crucial in this process. We are privileged to have been their data and analytics partner in this journey and are the proud sponsors of this session.

Where: The Business Group on Health Annual Conference
When: April 11th , 2:55 – 3:35 PM